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Organics Collection For a Fraction of the Price

Save money by responsibly handling food waste and gain insight into how much you're helping the planet.

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Ready to Ditch Your Expensive Old Waste Hauler?

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Pay Less to Dispose of Your Food Waste

You're paying too much for food waste collection. Let us handle it for a fraction of the cost.


Eliminate Your Emissions Footprint 

Most food waste still goes to landfill where it's the largest emitter of GHGs. Dyrt composts your waste and returns it to agriculture. No harmful emissions and much better for the planet!

Automate Your Compliance Reporting

We ensure you're compliant with state and local regulations, and even protect you in the event of an audit.


Benefits of Switching to Dyrt

Cost Savings

You're overpaying for organics collection and your food waste is likely still going to a landfill. We cut your bill down to a fraction and properly compost your waste so there are no harmful emissions.

Automated Compliance & Audit Protection

The introduction of SB 1383 and AB 1826 means that California businesses must now prove they are recycling organics (composting their food waste) and state and local authorities can impose fines for businesses that aren't compliant. Dyrt gathers accurate data on how much waste is collected at each location and automates compliance reporting so you're never at risk of a fine.

A Portion of Your Membership Fee is Donated to Charity

We support local non-profits by sharing a portion of your monthly fee. Initiatives we support include food donations, topsoil regeneration and trash cleanups.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Does This Work?

Waste collection costs a lot for two reasons:

1) Traditional services are often unchallenged and can set their rates however they like

2) Waste has to be hauled miles away (often more than 100 miles) to a central facility. Dyrt isn't a greedy waste hauler. We're a technology company partnered with local waste businesses to deliver our customer's outstanding service at a fraction of the cost. We can do this because we process food waste much closer to the source and cut out the middlemen.

Can I Replace My Existing Provider?

Yes, although they don't want you to know this. We will do all the work to cancel your existing organics pickup, so you don't have to lift a finger. Once you are on board, provide us your account number, and we will handle it. You'll be saving money each month in no time, and we won't charge you until we prove it!

How Much Can I Expect to Save?

We save customers 25% to 40% on their organics bill each month.

Does This Mean I Need to Buy a New Bin?

No! We will provide you with a new food waste bin for your needs.

Do I Need to Clean This Bin?

We provide compostable liners to keep your bin clean and hygienic.

How do I get started?

Fill out our registration form, optionally including an upload of your recent waste bills (up to 3). We'll be in touch shortly thereafter on how to get started!

Will I be compliant with local and state regulations?

Of Course! We provide a real-time impact dashboard and automate compliance reporting taking one more task off of your to-do list. 

Can I advertise my impact?

Within 48 hours of signing up you will receive a real-time impact dashboard that advertises how much you have diverted and your total impact. And don't worry, these are real metrics based on EPA standards.

Where can I download my current billing statements?

We make it easy for you. Instructions for downloading bills for all Los Angeles Based waste companies can be found at the links below.